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We at Middlebrook Firearms try our best to accommodate all customer requests.  Please call us at 732-529-6897 and we will do our best to get that item for you. If we are unable to get a specific item, we do accept transfers.


Our in-house transfer fee is $75 plus NJ sales tax (6.625%).


Our outbound transfer fee is $100 for handguns, $150 for long guns and shipping fees.


Please have the selling FFL fax or email their valid FFL to us at:



Be advised that transferred firearms will be held at our location for 10 days, on the 11th day each firearm will accrue a $1 per day storage fee.


Any "High Capacity (over 10 rds)" magazines shipped with transfer firearms will be held by this facility. Handgun magazine pinning services are available for $25 per magazine (we do not pin rifle magazines).



All firearms transferred to us must be compliant with NJ law, follow the link below for firearms information from the New Jersey State Police:

We are NOT performing compliancy work on transferred firearms, please call to verify if we will accept the firearm you wish to transfer in

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